Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today, I was wanduring arownd the local drinking area, when I nowticed a airoplane. Except, insted of ite beeinge ine the skye, ite wase on the grownde! Ie instantlee newe thatse nowte weare airoplanese are supposed to be, so I went ovujr to investugate. Theure wase nobodye theure, soe Ie wente home and ate some macuronie. Ie like macuronie.
I ame gettinge betture at ritinge. For instance, I know bettur grammur and that you should put es behinde evurythinge! Yaye!
See Youe Soone,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A very busy Moose!

Weull, I hauv been a very busy moose. I got offered a fotogrufy job with the people that make moosetracks Ice Cream, ate some pretzuls, and went to 3 weddings and a funeral. I have becum a uncle, to! That's right! my brother Fred McMuffins had three young moosey children two weaks ago, and I am very happy! O, I forgot to say, I'm going to be a speciul guest on the Oprah Whinfrey show! We r gowing to talk about wut it is like to be a Moose in a Purson's Wurld. For christmas, I got an extruh big keybord, so the buttuns are the purfect size for my hooves! Hurray! It's been very snowy heur in Moose Factory, Canada. We currently have five and uh half feet! I am tall, so I am ok, but some people cannot go owtside! Lukily, I got a jowb as a snowplow by strapping a plow to my antlers and walking along!!! This will help me get going money-wise until I get payed for the job with the ice cream peeple! That's all for noww!
See u suun,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

summer and house construction

Well, It's summur again! This meuns that all of the snow will melt! Yay! No more shovuling siedwalks! Huraah! I'm so happy! It was getting very challunging to hold the shovul in my huuvs. I don't hav oposabl thums, you no.
My hom colapsed today! It just, woosh, tumbuld to the grownd! I had to spend all day ficksing it insted of my normul rootine, eating, sleeping, and being a moose. First, I had to think up a sturdyur design. Then, I had to collect many sticks and stones to build my home. Aftur that, I had too panefuly pick many pine needuls, and I was pricked many times. Then I had to put it all togethur, witch was the hardest part becuz it kept falling ovur. Then, finully, I had to rearange my furniture to fit the accomodashuns of my new hom. Finally, I adjusted the T.V. antennuh and had to run over to the radio shack to get a digitul convertur box. DTV comes twomorow! I just hope my new hom doesn't fall down in the oncoming rain storms the wethur channul keeps talking abowt. Well, talk to you suun!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The other side of the stew

Well, woo is on the othur side of the stew? I am. And I am prowd of it. So if anywon doesn't like stew, they of korse aren't in the stew at all. They are ovur on the othur side of the kitchen in the chili. But I am in the stew. I like stew.
It is getting to be worm again! I am very happie. It was very cold in the wintur, but now it is spring, and is nice and worm. Today, we had an all time hiy tempratur: 50 degrees! It is so grate to be nice and worm. Hopefullie, they will contineu.
See u suun,

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Im back!!

I'm back from my trip to the Bahamas! that's why I haven't powsted in a while, becuz there was no inturnet der, but I am back in Canada, and am back on my blog.
unfortunatly, I haf 2 go, becuz I have an importunt moosey meeting, but will powst agian suun. Gewd bye 4 now!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hi! Today I went to a puul partee! It wuz very fun. There wur lots of mooses. We swam and ate and sleeped and were mooses. It wuz fun. I got very wet and furgot my towul, so I asked a park rangur for a hair driur! He laffed and gave me a big blankt. He is my favurite park rangur. His name is Biil. I like Biil. That is all I will rite 4 today, becuze I am going to go and eat, sleep, and be a moose. And maybe watch a movee.

See u suun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My secund powst

Hi. This is my secund blog powst. As u may have gessed, I live in Canada. I like Canada. There are lots of mooses. Especully in Moose Factory, Canada. I like mooses. As a matur of fact, I'm a moose myself!My favorite things to do are eating, sleeping, and being a moose! I have a very fun jobb. I wurk for the Canadian Nashunal Park Survises. I am a model for torists. They laff and take piktures. They r silly.
Today, I had a bad experiance.
A Moose named Moosey O'Mos, another moose in my moose colony,charged me today. We got in a fite. He did not tel me y, but I am stil angrie at him. He smells weurd. But still, I always have fun modeling 4 tourists. They r silly. Dats all I wil be riting 4 today, but I wil rite again soone. Thank u 4 reeding!