Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hi! Today I went to a puul partee! It wuz very fun. There wur lots of mooses. We swam and ate and sleeped and were mooses. It wuz fun. I got very wet and furgot my towul, so I asked a park rangur for a hair driur! He laffed and gave me a big blankt. He is my favurite park rangur. His name is Biil. I like Biil. That is all I will rite 4 today, becuze I am going to go and eat, sleep, and be a moose. And maybe watch a movee.

See u suun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My secund powst

Hi. This is my secund blog powst. As u may have gessed, I live in Canada. I like Canada. There are lots of mooses. Especully in Moose Factory, Canada. I like mooses. As a matur of fact, I'm a moose myself!My favorite things to do are eating, sleeping, and being a moose! I have a very fun jobb. I wurk for the Canadian Nashunal Park Survises. I am a model for torists. They laff and take piktures. They r silly.
Today, I had a bad experiance.
A Moose named Moosey O'Mos, another moose in my moose colony,charged me today. We got in a fite. He did not tel me y, but I am stil angrie at him. He smells weurd. But still, I always have fun modeling 4 tourists. They r silly. Dats all I wil be riting 4 today, but I wil rite again soone. Thank u 4 reeding!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hello! I am Moose McMuffins. This is my blog. I will rite in it. 4 those of you who do not believe I am a moose, GO TO HELL!!! But for those of you that do, thank you 4 your consideration. This is my very first blog, so I would like to thank my friends Bryan and Jeffrey for encouraging me to go out into the world. I have practically become a new person. This will be all for now, but thanx for reading, and more posts will come in the future.
See you suun!