Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today, I was wanduring arownd the local drinking area, when I nowticed a airoplane. Except, insted of ite beeinge ine the skye, ite wase on the grownde! Ie instantlee newe thatse nowte weare airoplanese are supposed to be, so I went ovujr to investugate. Theure wase nobodye theure, soe Ie wente home and ate some macuronie. Ie like macuronie.
I ame gettinge betture at ritinge. For instance, I know bettur grammur and that you should put es behinde evurythinge! Yaye!
See Youe Soone,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A very busy Moose!

Weull, I hauv been a very busy moose. I got offered a fotogrufy job with the people that make moosetracks Ice Cream, ate some pretzuls, and went to 3 weddings and a funeral. I have becum a uncle, to! That's right! my brother Fred McMuffins had three young moosey children two weaks ago, and I am very happy! O, I forgot to say, I'm going to be a speciul guest on the Oprah Whinfrey show! We r gowing to talk about wut it is like to be a Moose in a Purson's Wurld. For christmas, I got an extruh big keybord, so the buttuns are the purfect size for my hooves! Hurray! It's been very snowy heur in Moose Factory, Canada. We currently have five and uh half feet! I am tall, so I am ok, but some people cannot go owtside! Lukily, I got a jowb as a snowplow by strapping a plow to my antlers and walking along!!! This will help me get going money-wise until I get payed for the job with the ice cream peeple! That's all for noww!
See u suun,